Social Studies Quiz

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The following questions were on our social studies quiz.   Please talk to your parents about your answers.  You can email your answers to

1)     Why is it important to know when a map or atlas was published?

2)     What would happen if the world had no borders?  Do you think this would be a good thing or not?

3)     Think of a world with no maps.  How would your life be different?


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Continents & Oceans Rap

August 31st, 2015 No comments

What a fun way to learn about the continents and the oceans!  Listen to this rap and remember the lyrics!

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Blogging Buddies Has Come to an End

May 20th, 2015 No comments

Our weekly blogging buddies has now come to an end.  It has been a great experience for the kids, Ms. Patterson and myself.  I am hopeful that the new and excising teachers in Grade Four will continue with the buddies next year.  I am very grateful to my blogging buddy, Ms. Patterson.  She was open to the idea of Blogging Buddies from the start and has added insightful ideas throughout the year.  I enjoyed benefiting from her organized nature (she would have our ideas posted and in a Google Doc before I returned from our planning meetings).   I also am grateful to have had the opportunity to watch Ms. Patterson interacting with her students.  She is warm, direct and challenges them to work to their abilities.

I will take what I have learned about co-planning/teaching with Ms. Patterson and incorporate it into my experience in Grade Five.


Thanks Jona!



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Measurement on Khan Academy

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Several Types Of Plagiarism

March 23rd, 2015 No comments

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Tennis trumps soccer in many ways!

March 21st, 2015 No comments

One of the most exciting and riveting sports in the world is tennis.  I love its fast pace, its inconsistency, and the skills one needs to become even a “club” player.  Not everyone agrees with me so I am writing this blog post to convince you that tennis is better than soccer.

Tennis has been called an intellectual game and I am not sure I agree with this point.  What I do agree with is that you need to be mentally tough to play and succeed at this game.  You are on the court all alone with no team mates to guide you or pump you up.  Everything on the court lies on your shoulders and that is a big responsibility when you are playing a whole match.  In soccer you have your coaches yelling from the side lines and your team mates encouraging you.  I ague, that tennis is more of an emotionally challenging sport than soccer.

I am an advocate for women’s rights and their equality in this world and that includes the sports world.  Tennis is more welcoming and inclusive than soccer.  Everyone has heard of Maria Sharapova, the William’s sisters and Steffi Graf.  We even remember the “golden years of tennis” when Martina Navratilova , Chris Evert and Tracey Austin played.  The only professional soccer players people can name are from the United States Olympic team from a few years ago.  Mia Ham comes to mind but not many more.  I ask you why such a popular sport like soccer has excluded women.  This will have an impact on our young girls who want to play sport.  Tennis celebrates women and in the professional tennis world women tennis players are paid the same amount as men.  This equality makes me more proud of the game of tennis!

My final point to support my argument is tennis is a less violent sport than soccer.  Both on the court, and in the stands.  Soccer matches are notorious for riots and fights.  Over 1,000 soccer fans have been killed while attending soccer matches around the world. To this date there have been no reported incidence of any deaths at tennis tournaments.  This is a staggering difference and I ask myself are tennis fans more in control of their emotions or are soccer players too emotional and passionate about their teams and this leads to bad choices.  Any way you look at it soccer is defiantly a more violent game to watch.  Tennis injuries include a pulled muscle, a bad blister, heat stroke, possibly straining your ankle.  In soccer 2-3 % of injuries are concussions; there are no reported incidents of a concussion on the tennis court.  Bottom line tennis is a less violent sport for everyone involved.

I hope I have convinced you that tennis is a better sport than soccer.  I understand more people around the world play soccer however I feel tennis is by far the more superior sport because you have to be mentally tough, women are highly regarded, and it is less violent.  Please post your comments and opinions.

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Check out this website to practice your in put out put skills!



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Comparing fractions

March 1st, 2015 No comments

Click here for a great link to practice comparing fractions.

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World Of Tan

February 25th, 2015 No comments

Try some of these tan gram puzzles! Click here to start.

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Child Rights Videos

February 23rd, 2015 No comments

Take a look at some of these videos on the rights of the child.  What do they make you think and question about the world?

The Convention on the Rights of a child 

Children and young people’s rights

The story of human rights

Here I am 

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