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My name is Joanna McElhinney and I am a teacher at International School Manila.  This is my ninth year at ISM, I taught grade three for two years and then grade four for six years.  I enjoyed my time in the ES part of ISM but am very excited about joining the Middle School and the Grade Five team.  I am very happy to be teaching English and Social Studies and am looking forward to collaborating with my team to develop engaging and challenging lessons for our students.

This is my 15th year of teaching (wow do I feel old!).  I have taught in Canada and Egypt prior to coming to Manila.  My teaching practices have certainly changed over the years however my dedication and holistic approach to the students have remained at the core of my pedagogy.   I enjoy connecting with students and getting to know what makes them tick.  I see myself as a detective trying to understand a case very thoroughly.

This year is very special for our family because we will all be a part of the ISM community.  I have two young boys; in kindergarten and preschool and it is a delight being able to walk them to class.   My husband is also at ISM and teaches Grade 6 science.

In whatever spare time I have I enjoy playing tennis and reading.  I also join the bandwagon on any Canadian sports team that is doing well.  Go Jays!

I have a great feeling about this year!

Ms. McElhinney


  1. Dylan
    September 23rd, 2013 at 00:40 | #1

    Next time can you add more words about you like where are you from or what is your favorite food and what you like (subjects).

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