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Class Update

The kids have been busy working on their narrative stories.  I have been very impressed with the efforts to improve on their writing from their previous writing piece they wrote in October.  More attention paid too editing and revising has really empowered our young writers and the stories have come to life.  This will be the final week to revise and edit their stories.

Our first “official” Book Club meeting will begin on Tuesday Feb. 9th.  The groups are excited about the upcoming discussions and the enthusiasm about their books has been encouraging.  For each meeting the students are required to have a predetermined chunk of reading completed and a reading response written and ready to share.

This week in Social Studies I will be introducing a new performance task focusing on their adaptation to Middle School.  I have dropped a copy of the task sheet and marking rubric in the kids folders.  This project will have the students reflecting on how they have adapted to Grade 5 and who has supported them throughout their transition.

We are getting closer to the climax of our class read aloud, “Out of My Mind”.  Over the past few weeks we have enjoyed using the text as a way to practice our reading responses and remind ourselves that “Reading is Thinking” and the work readers do while they are reading.

CWW is quickly approaching, please contact myself or Ms. Melwani if you have any questions.


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