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Social Studies Performance Task

We have extended our end of the quarter for our social studies performance task.  The due date for this task is October 21st.  Below you will find the task sheet and marking rubric.

My best advice for you is to start early.  There will be time in class to work on this, however you will need to do some research at home in order to complete it on time.  I suggest you follow the following guidelines:

1) Decide on where you want to go and what land forms, cities or sites you want to explore.

2) Research your spots and find distinguishing characteristics about each place.

3) Decide how you will present.

4) Write your script.

5) Begin making your presentation.

Social Studies Task – Vacation Itinerary

Vacation Itinerary Rubric

PT Scaffold with sentence frames – Vacation Itinerary- Mac

Email me any questions or concerns you may have.

Ms. Mac

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