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Blogging Buddies Has Come to an End

Our weekly blogging buddies has now come to an end.  It has been a great experience for the kids, Ms. Patterson and myself.  I am hopeful that the new and excising teachers in Grade Four will continue with the buddies next year.  I am very grateful to my blogging buddy, Ms. Patterson.  She was open to the idea of Blogging Buddies from the start and has added insightful ideas throughout the year.  I enjoyed benefiting from her organized nature (she would have our ideas posted and in a Google Doc before I returned from our planning meetings).   I also am grateful to have had the opportunity to watch Ms. Patterson interacting with her students.  She is warm, direct and challenges them to work to their abilities.

I will take what I have learned about co-planning/teaching with Ms. Patterson and incorporate it into my experience in Grade Five.


Thanks Jona!



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